Tips to Maintain Your Exterior Stucco 

For property owners, stucco is a suitable and great plaster since it’s easy to keep up plus it is durable. It provides a decent architectural décor for your property as well. Once you properly apply the stucco, it will potentially last even up to 50 yrs. Remember that they keep making your stucco last longer is proper maintenance. Even if stucco is affordable and easy to maintain, it’s still essential to do this regularly. If you fail to maintain your stucco, it can appear worn out. As a result, repairing the exterior will only cost you more money. Check out the following essential tips you can do as you maintain and take care of the exterior stucco. 

Have your stucco regularly sealed 

As soon as?stucco?is applied to your home, consider having it sealed always. The stucco should be kept from any form of moisture. Commonly, the stucco is added with a clear concrete sealer. This procedure prevents moisture from reaching your house. Regardless of how effective your clear concrete sealer is, it’s vital to have your stucco sealed at least every 5 years for protection. If you maintain your stucco with this, you can expect that stucco will last for several years to come. 

Maintain the cleanliness of your stucco 

Similar to any exterior, stucco can easily get dirty. Dirt eventually accumulates due to different elements, which can make your house appear untidy. Because stucco has a porous material, it soaks up stains. Thus, it must be frequently maintained and cleaned. Give your stucco a clean and new look using a garden hose or power washer for this. The greatest means of cleaning your stucco is to loosen up the dirt by misting the exterior with water first. 

After that, spray the power washer or garden hose with more pressure to let the dirt get be washed away. If you clean your stucco, you can make sure that your exterior will be kept in great condition. 

Deal with the repairs right away 

Fixing any holes, chips, or cracks on your exterior stucco before it becomes worse is among the key to maintain and take care of it. If you don’t deal with the needed repairs as soon as possible, it will potentially impact the stucco material’s strength. Chips, holes, and cracks also offer pests to come into your house. Once you can observe any crack or chip in your stucco, have it repaired right away to keep it from being damaged even further. When you’ve only got a minor crack, you can fix it yourself. But, when the damage is out of your hands, then you can always ask the help from a reputable?masonry contractor Mesa. 

Those are only a few of the many tips you need to keep in mind as you maintain your exterior stucco. These tips can help you make sure that your home will be protected from intrusions outside and will look clean and well-kept all the time.